Organic Essential Oils - Reality From a Producer

Organic Essential Oils are highly used in aromatherapy because they are very superior from Non - Organic certified essential oils. But most of the people who involve in production of essential oils are non states residents and most of them belong to the developing countries. They always produce for selling (Not produce for making consumable products) and getting good profit margin. Due to high demand competition into export market of essential oils and other natural ingredients, it is very difficult to produce certified organic essential oils in very large scale for commercial bulk exports and regular supply. But by and by the producers are trying to switch over certifications of their fields and try to produce the most economical essential oils.

One of the major reason why producers are avoid making Certified Organic Essential Oils in full swing is the lack of demand in their own local markets, they are usually selling conventional oils to several of their local customers without any problem, the certification thing with increase the cost of the material and they will lose their regular customers. immune system vape is also not practical to develop new separate fields for certifications because it requires a lot of funds. For example, a producer of Lavender Oil is making True Lavender Ex Lavandula Angustifolia in approximately $ 100 USD / Liter and exporting easily to their regular buyers around the globe from India.

What will happen when he will proceed for procedure of organic certification, organic farming, inspection etc.? He will definitely spend lot money by paying fees, field development and time consuming inspections by certification agencies. In result, the product will cost more than 20 % higher than conventional product and cost $ 120 USD / liter approximately. This increment of Lavender Oil like high selling essential oil cost will give opposite effect on his current market and he will also lose his all local Indian customers because in India, customers always demand true oils, they are not quite familiar with certified organic things and their benefits. They deal in only 100% Pure Essential Oils, they test it in laboratory for purity, match the GLC (Gas Liquid Chromatography) Or GC/MS (Gas Column and Mass Spectrometer) report with old lots GLC or GC/MS and check the parameters and results and finally place the bulk orders. They also believe in nose testing instead of going for laboratory check up. They believe that every lab will give different results of same sample. The same thing is applicable with all major essential oil producing countries like Sri Lanka, Madagascar, Egypt, Indonesia, Nepal etc.

On Other hands, users have great confidence and interest over certified organic essential oils which are highly pure, extracted from Non-Pesticide plant materials and having therapeutic properties. But we cannot deny that the conventional oils also have the therapeutic properties.