Brazil Travel Guide: For Your Brazilian Holidays

Brazil is a beautiful South American country that provides its holidaymakers with a fantastic holidaying experience. She is the world's fifth largest country and this adds to the reasons why she receives many visitors. She is a party country and her festivals bring many visitors to her capital to indulge in the merrymaking on a Brazilian holiday which is one of a kind. It has the world famous carnival which has registered the highest number of attendants over the years. Brazil is predominantly Roman Catholic and this adds up to the Christian holidays that are celebrated here.

Some of the attractions that visitors will enjoy on a Brazilian holiday include the Amazonia National Park which is the largest in this land. The Amazon covers at least 40% of its land and this makes it an intriguing site to visit. It is otherwise known as the green inferno due to its expanse. This makes it Brazil's natural wonder and while here, visitors will enjoy rock climbing, bird watching, boat rides, hiking and trekking. The Iguassu Falls have made it to the list of the wonders of the world by how they create a border between Brazil, Argentina and Paraguay.

guide brazil de Janeiro is a must visit while on a Brazilian holiday and there is nothing short of exotic here. It is a combination of everything from relaxed, chaotic, busy and sophisticated. Rio is Brazilian second most popular city and provides visitors with a hive of activities. It is beautifully endowed with the sun and the sea and surfing is a vital activity while on this holiday. Rio is Brazil's centre for culture and education as it is a centre for Brazil's most prominent universities, galleries and museums which all present a delightful visit.

A Brazilian holiday is not complete without a visit to the Pantanal which is the world's largest wildlife reserve. Fishing lovers will be so much at home here as Pantanal is a favorite fishing hub in South America. Bird watching also takes centre stage while here and there is always something fascinating to discover about the bird life. Salvador is located along the Bay of All Saints and earlier on served as Brazil's colonial capital. This city has evolved over the years though she still holds major attractions for visitors which include the cobblestone streets. Other attractions here include the Igreja de Sao Francisco which is a remarkable church. The Farol de Barra lighthouse is also an exciting landmark in Salvador.

Sao Paulo is Brazil's most populous city and a must visit while on a Brazilian holiday. This city is famous for its breathtaking skyscrapers which wow their visitors. Sao Paulo is home to a great nightlife courtesy of her lively nightspots that include nightclubs, pubs, casinos and restaurants. Manaus also attracts humongous numbers of tourists looking at indulging in her famous excursions. Visitors will be able to see some of the world's largest ships. Sao Luis is one of the most beautiful cities in Brazil and her architecture is a great attraction. Recife is home to many bridges and canals and this makes it an interesting destination for a Brazilian holiday.