Travel to Brazil - South America's Breathtaking Wonderland Top Tourist Attractions and Vaccination

Travel is one of the most rewarding experiences in life. Getting aboard that jet and stepping into another culture for a week or two is sort of like having your own personal time machine. Each area on Earth has its own unique flavor. From gentle and calm to exciting and dangerous you'll find someplace that makes you buzz. Like all good experiences travel comes with some risks, the most dangerous of which can be taken care of via a quick and affordable vaccination. One of the most popular areas in the world for those who enjoy travel is South America - Brazil in particular.

Why travel to Brazil? Why, Brazil has it all! From sumptuous booty-licious beaches where half-naked Goddesses romp around to ancient Catholic churches where the faithful have been flocking for hundreds of years. Anyone who has traveled to this part of the world will tell you how friendly the people are and how delicious their freshly prepared meals of fish and game are. Brazil has thousands of miles of lush tropical rain forests to explore as well as cosmopolitan cities to shop to you drop. It is in the wilder areas where a vaccination begins to make more sense.

Brazil is a gigantic country and takes up almost half of its continent, making it the fifth largest country in the entire world! This rich hodge-podge of a nation boasts over 4,600 miles of coastline, quaint colonial towns, and dense over-grown tropical islands. Some of the most popular tourist attractions of Brazil are huge cascading waterfalls, abundant wildlife, and pristine untouched Amazon wilderness. In fact, Brazil still has several tribes living within its forests that are completely self-sufficient and cut off from civilization as we know it. Remember to visit a certified travel clinic before your trip to make sure you are administered the correct vaccination so that you will be provided the best protection against illness possible.

While in brasilien tour (protected via vaccination, of course) make sure you travel the country to see its many different aspects. One of the most popular attractions is the statue of Christ the Redeemer. Located at the top of Corcavado mountain inside the sprawling city of Rio de Janeiro. This 130 foot tall statue of Jesus Christ has become an icon of the country. On a Sunday (of all days!) in February of 2008, lightening struck the statue damaging its head, eyebrows and fingers. The Brazilian government soon repaired the damage and today the statue stands as a beacon to the faithful just as it has since it construction began in 1922.

For many a world traveler, another high point of Brazil is Rio's Carnival. This annual event is known for its jubilance and raw sensuality. (So much so that the vaccination you may need to visit the Carnival will be for a STD instead of protection against a tropical mosquito-borne illness!) Beginning way back in 1773, this celebration of Roman Catholicism's festival of Lent has become a highly anticipated country-wide party including floats, dancers, acrobats, costumed performers of every ilk, and loud, booming music. Travel to Brazil during Carnival for a rowdy never-to-be-forgotten once-in-a-lifetime event!

Carnival in Brazil is not for everyone. Many travelers prefer a different kind of vacation; one where the majestic landscape is center stage instead of scantily clad belly dancers. It is in these beautiful wild areas of Brazil that diseases like yellow fever, malaria, hepatitis A and typhoid are of much greater concern than they are in the cities. Visit a friendly neighborhood travel clinic in your neck of the woods where they will be happy to offer advice on and administer any vaccination that may be deemed appropriate.

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