Teaching Jobs Abroad and Your Time Off

Moving overseas to teach English in an international school is a big step and most teachers travel by themselves to their destination. Whilst you are at your school teaching you will be kept busy and should make friends with your fellow teachers, however during your spare time it can be difficult knowing what to do. If it is the first time you have been to this country there will be sights and locations for you to visit, if you have been before you may know a little about the activities for a lone traveller, or you might be returning to the country even though you have spent many years there already. Either way this article is intended to provide TEFL teachers with some spare time activities whilst they are completing their teaching job abroad.


There is so much to see in every new country you visit that the first few weeks of your new life can be totally filled with adventures and exploration. Travelling around teach abroad english jobs at weekends and exploring the local area will help you to feel more at home, especially if the culture in your new country is different to what you are used to. You will feel more comfortable venturing onto the streets if you know where you are going.


Once you have had enough of exploring or if you just fancy a weekend of relaxation, there are many things you can do to relax in your new home. If you live in a warm country that is close to the coast you could spend your weekend at the beach. If you are inland the chances are that there will be a pool you can lounge beside. Other ways to relax might be a walk around the countryside or going for a shopping spree.


Many of the larger cities where teaching jobs abroad are usually taken have English speaking cinemas and English theatre productions on throughout the year so there is the chance to catch up with the latest blockbusters. You could join one of the expat clubs in the larger centres of teaching so that there is some familiarity and you can reminisce about Britain if you are feeling home sick. With the friends that you meet here you can have parties and movie nights at home or hit the town and go out.

Weekends are free for English teachers abroad and in hot countries you can enjoy the weather after you have finished teaching. When it comes to holidays the system is more rounded with a shorter break in the summer and more breaks throughout the year. China's education department has set out a very accommodating vacation timetable with nearly 14 weeks off in total, three of those at Christmas and six at summer. Teachers, parents and children have found that this is their preferred holiday timetable. All in all you have a lot of time to relax when you work in teaching jobs abroad and once you have settled in and made some friends there is a host of activities that you can get involved with.